Meet The Committee

Club Captain
Name: Lydia Wright
Year: 3
Team: 3rd XI
Position: Defence
Course: History and International Relations
Vice Club Captain
Name: Charlotte James-Pajwani
Year: 3
Team: 1st XI
Position: Forward
Course: Medicine
Name: Rosie Williamson
Year: 3
Team: 7th XI
Position: Defence
Course: Economics 
Welfare Secretary
Name: Ami Robinson
Year: 3
Team: 1st XI
Position: Defence
Course: Maths and Sustainability
Umpire Secretary
Name: Lauren Ware
Year: 2
Team: 4th XI
Position: Midfield
Course: Biological Sciences
Intramural Secretary
Name: Tilda Warde-Aldam
Year: 3
Team: 5th XI
Position: Midfield/Forward
Course: Anthropology
Name: Rachael Cawker
Year: 4
Team: 2nd XI
Position: Defence
Course: Management Msc
Performance Director
Name: Emily Drysdale
Year: 3
Team: 1st XI
Position: Screen
Course: Psychology with Sport and Exercise Science 
Vice Treasurer
Name: Ella McDonnell
Year: 2
Team: 5th XI
Position: Defender
Course: Economics
Development Director 
Name: Imo Lea
Year: 3
Team: 1st XI
Position: Forward
Course: Psychology
Media Secretary
Name: Georgia Thompson
Year: 3
Team:  4th XI
Position: Forward
Course: Biochemistry
Stash Secretaries
Name: Alex Massey & Lottie Gould
Year: 3 and 3
Team: 2nd XI, 4th XI
Position: Midfield, Defender
Course: Psychology, History
Social Secretaries
Name: Ellie Kilby, Demi Hele,
Maddie Smith, Millie Atherton 
Year: 2, 2,
4, 4
Position: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfield/Forward
Defender, Defender
Team: 3rd XI, 5th XI
3rd XI, 5th XI
Course: History, Business Management
Business Economics and Spanish, History and Spanish